Showers of Love

The name “Shower of Love” was derived from new mother/infants who are “showered” with gifts either before or after the birth of the infant. In this case, Christ Child Society members are “showering” school age children with new clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, and sweatshirts or any other clothing item that the parent identifies that the child needs prior to entering school in the fall.  In a typical year, 200 – 400 children are “showered with love” from the Petoskey and Harbor Springs, Alanson and Pellston School Districts.


We also engage in Community Outreach by supplying clothing, coats, shoes, and basic grooming supplies for Alanson,  Charlevoix, Harbor Springs, Pellston, Petoskey, and Wolverine schools.


For several years, our chapter has fulfilled individualized clothing requests for kids (like size 13 sneakers!) as well as providing a clothes closet that contains winter coats, boots, toiletries, and even a washer and dryer at school for kids with no way to wash their clothing at home. Christ Child also supports a volunteer-only music program at Wolverine school. 

Due to rural, relatively isolated locations, many families don’t have internet access, but some families don’t have a computer anyway. So when Wolverine Schools requested 30 Chromebooks and a charging station for the science classroom, the board unanimously approved the request.


"The addition of Chromebooks has been incredibly transformative. They have allowed me to maximize student engagement and further enrich the learning environment.  I’m finding that with students having the world at their fingertips, via our classroom Chromebooks, they are gaining and honing research and investigative skills that will serve them well in the information age."
-- Adrianne Dodd, science teacher



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Christ Child Society of Northern Michigan

P.O. Box 132, Harbor Springs, MI  49740-1430

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